Frequent questions

In Viveros Valero e Hijos we want our customers not to have doubts about the plants and products we have. On this page we find the most frequent questions that our clients ask us.

Q: What types of plants do we have in the nurseries?


A: In Viveros we have all kinds of plants, especially large plants. We are a specialist nursery in Olea Europaea, since there is a great variety of exemplary olive trees. There are also palm trees, Mediterranean plants and fruit trees.


Q: Can you see the plant that I want to buy?


A: In Viveros Valero e Hijos we are available for the needs of the client, so we will send you through WhatsApp or E-mail the photos of the product you need. The plants we have are of many sizes and sizes, therefore, it will not always be the final plant, but an approximation of the product that will arrive at your home.


Q: How can you communicate with Viveros Valero e Hijos?


A: There are many ways to communicate with us, can be through the landline (965 42 83 52), mobile (696 43 94 34), email (viverosvaleroehijos@gmail.com), social networks or postal. We will try to answer as soon as possible, if some days have passed and you do not know anything about us … please, try again !.


Q: How is the plant sent to the destination?


A: You can put the means of transport to reach the destination. If you wish, we manage everything, but the price of the transport goes to part, always it is at the client’s expense.


Q: How is the plant transported?


A: There is no problem to transport, you arrive at the destination with the means of transport that is necessary, and that is that we have collaborating companies that carry the plant through the sea, road or air, that is, trucks, ships and helicopters are waiting for take the plant to its destination.


Q: How many areas does Viveros Valero e Hijos have?


A: We have several areas where the plants are, but only one place of offices, so you always have to go to the Central Nursery and from there a commercial will accompany you to the plants you want to see.


Q: Do the plants have certificates?


A: The control of our product is essential in Viveros Valero e Hijos, so there is no plant that is not in perfect condition. All our plants comply with the necessary certificates to be sent.


Q: Do they only speak Spanish (Spanish)?


A: Do not! In Viveros Valero e Hijos there are professionals who have several languages to serve customers throughout Europe and other continents. So you can speak in English or French and you will be treated without any problem