Plants Mediterraneans

There are many types of Mediterranean plants or plants from specific Mediterranean regions that we can find around the world. However, we are not going to mention them all, but only those that you can buy at Viveros Valero e Hijos SL. If you want to know more about other ones.

In Viveros Valero e Hijos you can find and purchase a large variety of Mediterranean plants, such as Punica granatum or pomegranates, Ficus carica or fig, Prunus dulcis or almond trees, Ceratonia siliqua or carob, etc…

Fruit trees have become an ornamental plant used for gardens decoration, courtyards and outdoor venues. That is because it is easy to make shapes with a specific pruning that gives a different form to each tree, making it nice and special.

In fact, the view change of this type of Mediterranean plants has entailed a large export to European countries. Pomegranates, orange trees, fig and mandarin trees have become stars in stunning gardens.

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Ceratonia 15-20001ni.jpgVitis baja ramif 45 Lts

One of the many advantages that you have buying Mediterranean plants in our nurseries, is that every tree, either a Punica granatum, a Ceratonia siliqua or a mandarin, has a unique pruning and care, so the tree grows in perfect conditions. In addition, due to the big variety that we have, the client can choose the Mediterranean plant that he/she likes the most, not just the only one left at the nursery.