Citrus Limon - Lemon tree

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Family: Rutaceae
Sinonyms: Citrus limonum Risso, Citrus medica, lemon, lemon tree, lime, limoeiro, limoiaritz

Common name: Lemon tree
Origin: south-east of China.
Etymology: The word is a combination of Citrus (from the Greek) meaning lemon and Limon from is common name.
Minimum Temperature: -3º C

Lemon tree, Citrus limon, is a small evergreen fruit tree that can reach 6 meters height, although it is not common to find lemon with such magnitude unless purchased at nurseries specializing in citrus as we are in Viveros Valero e Hijos.

The Citrus limon is cultivated for its product, because lemon is an edible fruit with a sour taste and extremely fragrant used in nutrition, ideal for snacks and for “cooling” food as many people say, which is probably a myth because it is simply gives a different taste to our food.

When someone buys a lemon tree or Citrus Limon, it is expected to have lemons throughout the whole year, because despite it has a smooth bark, hard and yellowy wood, which is very appreciated in woodworking, just a few people think about cultivate this tree to sell it later.

Usually, the lemon tree is not a garden tree, but in some specialised nurseries, it is possible to find citrus limon with different shapes and foliage that creates a good atmosphere in different stunning locations.