Syagrus Romanzoffiana, coconut

Cocotero Aerocastrum Aerostrum cocotero Cocotero Viveros Valero e hijos_K8B2759 Viveros Valero e hijos_K8B2742 Viveros Valero e hijos_K8B2745



Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)
Sinonimos: Cocos romanzoffiana Cham., Arecastrum romanzoffianum (Cham.) Becc.
Common name: Queen Palm , Pindo , Jerivá , coconut tree, coconut, palm Coconut , Coconut Palm Tree , Adiaván , coconut palm , indiana Palma
Origin: Central and Southern Brazil
Etymology: Syagrus, old name given to a type of palm tree. Romanzoffiana, dedicated to the Russian prince Nicolas Romanzoff, who financed an expedition around the world in the nineteenth century.
Minimum Temperature: -6º C

The coconut palm , coconut tree, coconut, palm Coconut , Coconut palm tree , Adiaván , coconut palm , indiana Palma pindó or YBA pitá ( Syagrus romanzoffiana ) is planted today as ornamental, and has been introduced to that effect in other subtropical regions of the world being commonly used in urban planning, as it manages to give an exotic touch to the garden , ie , plant a coconut palm anywhere, it makes it look like you’re out of there.

Coconut palm tree tolerates poor soil and relatively cool temperatures . Formerly known as Arecastrum romanzoffianum , this palm is a very old acquaintance of our gardens , it was bought thinking of giving a different area environment around them , but the palm Syagrus romanzoffiana have in their natural habitat along rivers and wetlands.