Prunus Dulcis, Almond tree

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Family: Rosaceae
Synonyms: Amygdalus dulcis Mill., Prunus amygdalus, Batsch, Amygdalus communis, almond, almond tree
Common name: almond tree.

Origin:The Prununs Dulcis is a specimen from the west Asia and a wild type of plant from Greece and Caucasus. The almond tree, or punus dulcis, was spread around the Mediterranean area by the Romans, where it became the most cultivated tree in some regions and afterwards the most purchased in Spanish plant nurseries.

Etymology: Prunus, from the latin name of the plum tree. Dulcis (latin dulcis-e), meaning sweet due to its fruit, the almond.

Minimum Temperature: -3º C

The Almond tree is a very rustic species that usually can be purchased for the sale of its fruit. Is it also cultivated in the countryside as it can resist to very hard conditions, even if in this case its profitability may decrease. Nevertheless, almond trees are purchased in many different areas.

Prunus Dulcis can withstand droughts and an excessive irrigation can damage it, so the best choice for its care is the drop irrigation. If you purchase a cheap almond tree for its production, it is important to take care of it as it will need to be pruned several times for its development, formation and regrowth.  

February and March are the best times of the year for the almond tree to show its magnificence, depending on the cold weather and the irrigation that it has had during the rest of the year. This is the period when flowers break out and all the gardens and countryside soils get a different and special colouring.

The Prunus Dulcis is a warm areas fruit tree; therefore it is not very tolerant to cold weather. It requires just a few hours of cold (200-400) per year and it withstands perfectly to droughts. In Spain, prunus dulcis or almond trees are highly valued as its resistance to warm weather boosts its presence around the countryside. As a matter of fact, Spain is the area of Europe where prunus dulcis is purchased the most.