Chamaerops Humilis, palm or palmerita

Chamaerops humillis chamaerops humilis chamaerops humilis chamaerops humilis Chaemerops Humilis Chaemerops Humilis Chaemerops Humilis Chamaerops humillis


Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)
Common name: Palm, margallón, Margalló, saw palmetto, European Palmetto, Dates dog, Palma broom, Palmitera
Origin: Mediterranean area native palm tree.
Etymology: Chamaerops, from Greek chamai = small, on the ground and rhops = shrub, for its small size. Humilis, from Latin humilis-e = of little growth, the smallest. Chamaerops humilis are bought for decoration in gardens and parks.
Minimum Temperature: -10º C

Buy a Chamaerops humilis is to buy a palm tree for life, not only for its strength but for its beauty, because if care with love and dedication, can have a single palm tree and give you a twist on the Jardina.

The Chamaerops humilis also called palm or Palmitera, this palm is native to Europe and together with the Phoenix theoprasti are the only species of the genus Chamaerops. This palm is widely cultivated, bought and vendidada throughout the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

One characteristic of this is that Palmerita young shoots are consumed, although not a commercialized product, but has a very good taste. There are many Chamaerops humilis on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, especially in Andalusia, where they are grown and sold the rest of Europe, precisely one of the things you admire about this palm or palmetto is strong resistance to the proximity of sea, since it is not an agent that prevents him grow and develop. In addition, the chamaerops humilis resists drought, salinity and is not choosy about soil.

It is a palm tree growing virtually foolproof, easy and grateful, and tolerant of a wide range of climates and conditions, so the Chamaerops humilis is purchased for gardens and entertainment venues.