Washingtonia Robusta

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Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)
Common name: Washingtonia, Wachintona, Palma mexicana, Pritchardia, Pichardia, Palmera de abanico mejicana, Palmera mexicana.
Origin: Noroeste de México y California.
Etymology: Washingtonia su origen viene por un personaje famos de los Estados Unidos, y es que las Washingtonias tienen este nombre en honor de George Washington (1732-1799) primer presidente de los EE.UU. Por otra parte, la palabra Robusta, del latín robustus-a-um = fuerte en crecimiento.
Minimum Temperature: -5º C

It differs from other Washingtonia ( W. filifera ) for having the finest trunk is higher ( the opposite of what its name would have you believe ) and is more suitable for areas of heavy rainfall, it is more tolerant to moisture. It appears in mountainous desert regions, maznly in ravines and valleys where they can find water.

In our garden it is one of the most common palms. It is easy to grow palm , has a rapid growth and also a comparatively low price

It fits all types of soil even the very poor. When transplanted soil recovers very quickly.