Sterlitzia Augusta


Family: Sterlitziaceae
Common name: Esterlicia augusta, Esterlicia alba , bird of paradise flower Paradise flower, bird, fire bird , crane flower , bird flower , Sterlitzia Augusta
Origin:South Africa, Cape Town.
Etymology: The generic name is dedicated to Charlotte of Mecklenburg – Strelitz , wife of George III of England.
Minimum Temperature: -2º C

The august esterlitizia is a herbaceous perennial plant, UN Has Growth habit kills, sin shaft with large fleshy roots. The august esterlitzia grown in warm, subtropical and Mediterranean climates gardens, outdoor All year.

The Sterlitzia Augusta is one of the palms that utlilizan in gardens, because they do not need much care and there is no way that constant watering. It also gives a different touch if planted natural grass around the tree.