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There are many features that nurseries Viveros Valero e Hijos have, notable among them the importance for our customers to know the most basic things about our plants, because buying citrus, olive trees, Mediterranean plants or palm trees in Viveros Valero e Hijos nurseries is more than a price, more than the indifferent contact between customer and supplier, because we want our customers to feel home away from home and enjoy their visit in our nurseries.

For all this reasons, in Viveros Valero e Hijos, we want not only you to know the different products that we have in our nurseries, but we also want you to know more about our trees. In our product catalogue we include an extensive description card of each plant for you to get familiarized with the specifications and some useful advice.

Almost all the trees shown on the website are in our nurseries. If you need any other photo or something more specific send us an email to viverosvaleroehijos@gmail.com / viveros@viverosvaleroehijos.com and make a no-obligation request. You can also come to visit us and check the status of the trees by yourself.