Phoenix canariensis, canarian

Phoenix canariensis Phoenix Canariensis phoenix  phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix phoenix canariensis

Phoenix Canariensis


Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)
Common name: Canary Island palm, Canary Island palm, Canary Island palms , Tamara, palm canary date palm
Origin: Canary Islands.
Etymology: Phoenix Canariensis name comes from combining the Greek name = phoenix date palm. Canariensis, from Latin canariensis-e = from the Canary Islands
Minimum Temperature: -10º C

The Canary Palm ( Phoenix canariensis ) is a species of native and endemic palm of the Canary Islands , the date palm is a sought in the Canary Islands well, getting a different paiasje in many gardens and places Islands also sometimes becomes a tourist attraction..

The Phoenix canariensis is a palm appreciated because of its beauty , ease of adaptation and resistance to cold , so the Canary Island date palm is one of the most widely used palm trees gardening , being very especialidos bought in nurseries as Viveros Valero e Hijos especially taking into account that it can be affected by insects as the red palm weevil.

As one of the most valuable assets in the Canary Islands, the Phoenix Canariensis is a protected species , having to pass rules for sale or purchase.

Copies of small dimensions of the phoenix canarienses are purchased to adorn apartments and public places, such as businesses and offices, among other things because the Canary palm holds the interior, although it is more foreign plant