Family: Vitaceae Vitis vinifera viñedo
Common name: Vid, vitis vinifera, grapevine.
Place of origin: Mediterranean region and Asia minor, although probably introduced in this area since ancient times.
Minimum temperature: -12º C

Grapevine is a Woody climbing plant, used to take advantage of fruits and to make large shadow areas. It seems small but can reach thirty meter height. It needs fastening itself in anys structure because fruits weight could be important.

Wood of Grapevine should be pruned every year to get a good plant guided. To protect the grapes against birds a good advice is put a paper around bunch.

There´re lots of types of grape and depending on this fruit can be used to perform wine.
In Viveros Valero e Hijos you could find out white and black grapes.

Vitis vinifera c45 lts Vitis baja 45 Lts Vitis baja c45 lt