Phoenix Dactylifera, common palm

Phoenix Dactylifera copia phoenix dactylifera Phoenix dactylifera Phoenix dactylifera Phoenix Dactylifera Phoenix Dactylifera phoenix dactylifera phoenix dactylifera Tronco



Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)
Common name: Date palm , phoenix dactilifera or dactilyfera , Phoenix, Datilera common Palma , common Palmera , Tamara , date palm , date palm , Date Palm

Origin: Native palm of North Africa and western Asia.
Etymology: Phoniex phoenix dactylifera word comes from the Greek name = date palm . It is producing Dactylifera = dates.
Minimum Temperature: -10º C

Phoenix dactylifera, the date palm or royal palm, is a fruit palm tree whose fruit is the date, but can not be defined as a common result, since there are a variety of dates around the world. Phoenix dactylifera is one of the most remarkable gender Phoenix, with fifteen other than palms, distributed from the Canary Islands, through North Africa and South Asia to the Far East, taking each of these palms characteristics unique

Phoenix Dactylifera is a very rustic and resistant to all types of soil moisture Palm provided its proximity to the sea and not forget the Arabic saying that this palm wants to head into the fire and the ocean. This common palm tree can reach 25 to 30 meters high. The date palm is often bought as an ornamental, especially in coastal avenues to color is not affected because the saline breezes neither the brackish water, being more durable.