Yucca Elephantipes

yucca elephantipes palmacea viveros viveros palmacea elephantipes yuccayucca elephantipes viveros palmaceayucca elephantipes viveros palmacea



Family: Agavaceae
Common name:yucca, yucca elephantipes, yucca guatemalensis.
Origin: Mexico and Guatemala.
Etymology: Yucca is the native name of the plant.
Minium Temperature: -3º C

The yucca elephantipes or yucca guatemalensis is a tree fern from the agavaceae family. It is a common species in South America and Central America, very representative in Mexico and Guatemala..

The yucca elephantipes is cultivated as indoor and outdoor plant, where and whenever it is possible to find a mild weather, without hard or light frosts. This is an ornamental plant used in big gardens with high grass types, so that the beautiful and vast elephant base of the tree can be perceived from far away..

According to many surveys, the Yucca is a tree species that requires strong lighting in order to avoid its leaf to become yellowish and weak.
Furthermore, the yucca elephantipes has tender hoot and petals consumed as vegetables.